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2016 CHASSIS, 12.5 WIDE, 120 INCH  - YETI SnowMX Online Store


2016 Chassis, 12.5 Wide, 120 Inch


2016 Chassis, 12.5 Wide, 120 Inch


Built to exacting tolerances, YETI’s Carbon Fibre chassis is manufactured with a Kevlar centre layer, and is as strong as steel but 7x lighter. It takes abuse, bit hits and drops with ease, although it is very strong, it will flex when needed and return to original shape with zero fatigue, over and over again. The YETI’s Chassis design has been FEA ( Finite Element Analysis) analyzed, and features variable thicknesses in critical areas to create strength by design, .140” thick in the main drive assembly areas, .120” thick in YETI’s rear structural arches, .080 on top.

Carbon fibre products deliver beyond what most people can imagine, very few people have much experience in it, unless you are an aeronautical engineer or an F1 chassis designer. C3 powersports has been working with carbon fibre for 8 years and have built many complete snowmobile chassis for the top snowmobile hill climbers and performance minded riders in the world. Few people ride harder than the competition hill climbers or back country big iron chute climbers with 300+ horsepower who bail, while seeing who has the biggest kahonie’s to pull “That vertical chute". The YETI SNOWMX chassis, now in it’s fifth evolution has come from seven years of carbon fibre experience. Carbon fibre has no fatigue, which means it can flex up to it’s breaking point millions of time with no strength change noted, but once it reaches it breaking point it will break. All other materials, once welded, bent, or vibrated, ridden etc., are starting to fatigue from day one, carbon doesn't.

The YETI’s chassis has been load tested and simulated through FEA (Finite Element Analysis) simulation software, and through these learning’s, plus our own experiences we have been able to strengthen the YETI chassis exactly where it need to be strong, while keeping it light where no structural strength is needed.

The final YETI chassis is a combination of .140” thickness (up to 16 layers of carbon fibre) in the drive assembly area’s, .120” thickness in the load carrying paths and in the edge of the chassis ( 13 layers of carbon fibre), and .080” thickness in the top cover of the chassis ( 6 layers of carbon fibre). Resulting in a very strong, yet flexible carbon chassis, that weighs 12lbs.

The YETI chassis is an all CAD experience, right from the start. Design, followed by the CNC fabric cutting of the carbon cloth, through to the autoclave process, then to the precision trimming. Each YETI, CNC built to our exacting tolerances by industry leading experts, who have the capacity, process, staff and knowhow to produce each YETI consistently one after another.

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