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2017 Driver Upgrade (Product Improvement Plan)

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2017 DRIVER UPGRADE (Pair of 2)

Registered YETI owners will receive an upgraded pair of drivers at no charge (customer pays shipping only).

NOTE: We suggest that you ship your driveshaft back to us with the drivers on and we will send you back in exchange a complete, inspected core exchange driveshaft with machined down drivers pressed on in the correct location if you are not comfortable with indexing and pressing on drivers.

During the winter of 2015/16 we received a few calls from customers who mentioned they could get a vibration or humming/howling noise from their YETI when riding it at a certain speed.

 We learned that our drivers were built on the tighter side of the 2.86 pitch, a spec that allows for track stretch and keeps the engagement in the track proper as it stretches.

You may have noticed that your track hardly stretches on the YETI SNOWMX, and due to the lack of stretch, as the drivers come around to drive the track, each drive lug would rub slightly on the inner drive lugs of the track as the drive teeth engage, causing a vibration or howl at certain speeds.

This was not evident on all YETI’s as some tracks would stretch at a different rate and some not at all, based on rider, riding style, weight, snow conditions etc. We rode a lot of YETI’s last winter, and some had no noise at all and some were very bad, with a lot of howl at certain RPM’s.

We thank Mark Hoffman at CMX, who is a great guy and pointed this out to us, as he also has been using our drivers and tracks and was experiencing the same thing.

We are offering to all YETI registered customers a free pair of drivers to eliminate any drive vibration you may feel or hear ( customer pays shipping only)

We will also machine down your drivers free of charge if you ship them back to us on your drive shaft. You will need the special tool YAAC1946 to remove your shaft which can be purchased here.

NOTE: We are aiming to provide the very best SNOWMX kit that you can purchase. Some of the upgrades that we are offering are for things that we notice or learned through customer feedback. We take each comment seriously and appreciate the feedback. Some of these upgrade packages are for the extreme 10% of the customers who are doing their best every weekend to break our stuff, and that is great! We will keep tweaking our kit until we can call it unbreakable no matter how hard you abuse it.

The extreme guys who break parts only help us to keep learning about what the average person would never experience, and thanks to those customers and the rental customers, we have learned a lot and improved the YETI SNOWMX accordingly, one step at a time.

Pressing new drivers on your driveshaft is very simple, but also easy to mess up, you will need to time your drivers correctly and make sure to have them at the correct spacing, according to our measurements.

You can choose to order an exchange driveshaft, with an updated 2017 brake rotor and hub also.

This requires a special tool to install YAAC1946.

Watch the video below to see how to install and remove the driveshaft.

You must enter a verified registered YETI serial number to order this product.

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