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Bike Binderz - Bike Tie Down System (Pair)


Bike Binderz - Bike Tie Down System (Pair)


Here is a great way to secure your SNOWMX bike in your truck or trailer (see video demos below).

Built in Canada by BIKE BINDERZ, these heavy duty, but easy to use, bike tie downs lock over your foot pegs with a quick pin and a cantilever adjuster.

Just put the BIKE BINDERZ over your foot peg, install the quick pin, push down on the cantilever and your bike is locked down.

Comes with 12” of floor track to mount to your truck box or trailer floor.

Tested to 1500 lbs of force!

Great product to eliminate the tie down tangle up with multiple bikes and way stronger, worry free and awesome in multiple colors.

 Our simple, lightweight and durable device eliminates tie-downs, bulky wheel chocks and not to mention that un-wanted pressure on the suspension.

Designed to evolve with you. 50CC – 450 - YETI Snow-Bikes and we guarantee you’ll never have another headache with tie-downs.

NOTE: BIKE BINDERZ will work with the YETI wheel kit.

NOTE: BIKE BINDERZ are lockable.


 Here are a couple of videos showing how well they work:


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