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Raze Motorsports Wingman Ecu Kit

Raze Motorsports

Raze Motorsports Wingman Ecu Kit


Snowbike Wingman ECU Kit 

  • 9 hp gain
  • 21% fuel savings
  • solves fuel in engine oil problem
  • built in barometric pressure sensor so the bike altitude compensates while its running.  (Current models only altitude compensate when you shut them off and restart.  They do not altitude adjust on the fly)
  • maintain consistent engine temperatures.
  • ecu map tuned for track load (not dirt bike tires!)
  • comes with Raze Motorsports Replacement ECU, billet inline thermostat, coated braided stainless bypass line, return coupler, and dual map switch.
  • the two standard maps are PUMP GAS 91 octane up to 10% ethanol and RACE FUEL 85 motor octane 4% oxygenated (MR Pro 6 or equivalent)

If you already have heated handlebars with Raze thermostat, please order without thermostat.

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