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Gears, Syncrodrive, 21mm Wide (2016 YETI)

$119.95 $239.90

Choose your 21mm wide gears for the 2016 YETI SNOWMX.

If you purchase 2 gears you get the second one at 50% off.

Note the following chart:

Ratio Top Gear Bottom Gear Total tooth count  
1.00 43 43 86  
1.05 43 45 88  
1.09 43 47 90  
1.15 41 47 88 YETI standard gear ratio
1.21 39 47 86  


• Standard YETI SNOWMX gearing is 41 top gear and 47 bottom gear (1.15 RATIO)

• We recommend a 13 tooth countershaft sprocket on your motorcycle

• Only the gearing combinations shown will work

• Gearing combos available from overdrive of .98 to lowest of 1.21

• Minimum total gearing tooth count is 86 and maximum is 91. Example 41 top gear plus 47 bottom gear = total tooth count of 88

• The YETI comes standard with a 16 tooth jackshaft sprocket ( Note: this will make your YETI gearing taller than other Snowmx kits on the market which use 17 tooth as standard) Select your choice on the pop-up and add the desired tooth and sizes.

Choose your gear options from the drop down menu at the right.

NOTE: 45T gear will not fit in the Gen 3 belt deflector in the top gear position ( that is why it is not shown as an option).

NOTE: The 21mm wide belt will work on the 28mm wide gears and it will float around, the 28mm wide belt will NOT work on the 21mm wide gears.


How to tension your belt.




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