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MAXTRAK I (2016) 2.5” Track for YETI


MAXTRAK I (2016) 2.5” Track for YETI

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The MAXTRAk is designed to maximize the horsepower from your SNOW MX bike. Its lightweight design improves acceleration, due to it’s reduced rotating mass. The 2.5” deep lug design helps float on the powder snow, providing you lift. Shortened, rectangle shaped fibreglass support rods in the track flex, helping you corner. 20” profiled radius design matches your MAXKEEL ski to give you the ultimate in handling regardless of condition.

Turn you TS 120 into a 129" or you 137 into a 146" with the addition of rail extensions.

The track is 2.86 pitch. It will bolt directly onto your TS. 

TS Note: The Timbersleds equipped from factory with the 1.75” deep lug track are 2.52 pitch and will require a driver purchase to run the MAXTRAX. We have the correct drivers for sale on our store YPDR1919 is the part number. The Timbersleds with the 2” deep lug track are 2.86 pitch and the MAXTRAX is a direct replacement for those tracks. The 2.5” Timbersled track is 2.86 pitch and in 2016 it requires a drop bracket, which is on our store also ( PN 16-PG-110 )

MAXTRAX is available in 4 lengths:

120” MAXTRAX - weighs 28.25 lbs

129” MAXTRAX - weighs 30.3 lbs 

137” MAXTRAX - weighs 32.3 lbs (sold out)

146" MAXTRAX - weighs 34.5 lbs

Compare the track weights with the competition, and remember rotating mass is the biggest power robber on your single cylinder engine.


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