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Shaft, Lower Shock, Titanium Upgrade Kit (7 Parts)


Shaft, Lower Shock, Titanium Upgrade Kit (7 Parts)

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Shaft, Lower Shock, Titanium Upgrade Kit (7 Parts)

Lower Titanium Shock Cross Shaft. (One Kit Fox Shocks Only)

Last year we saw a few failures of the lower shock cross shafts, and after receiving feedback from you, our valued customers, we decided to upgrade this part and make it stronger for 2017.

What we learned: Some customers were used to running FOX shocks on their sleds, and proceeded to not read our recommended set up, and pumped in the same 180-250 that they would put in their sleds. This causes the shocks to hardly move, and upon severe drops or jumps would bend the lower shock shafts.

Do we think the average rider needs these shafts, not at all, but we will keep pushing the YETI, making it BETTER HIGHER FASTER, always.

We also learned that the bolts on the throttle side of the shock shafts would back out if you did not check them regularly as a maintenance item. Once the one bolt fell out the other would snap off shortly after.

We started the year using red loctite on these bolts, but after talking with people who could not get them apart we switched to blue. We suggest as a daily pre-ride inspection, which takes less than 2 min, just put a wrench on each of these 12mm headed bolts and be sure they are tight, which will eliminate any potential bolts from falling out.

In the more extreme cases of major whooped out trail pounding, or big hard hits, we have seen these shafts break at the snap ring grooves that we use to snap the shock retainers in.

If you break a shock shaft while riding, you can either put in a new one if you have one, or just remove the entire shock and broken shaft, put it in your back pack and ride the rest of the day. You can ride the YETI with either the front shock or rear, you need to have one of them. It won’t leave you stranded. Just pump some more air into the shock you have left.

What we changed: For 2017 we changed the shaft from 7075 aluminum to 6AL-4V titanium. We also changed the shape from a taper to a straight 3/4” round, and changed the bolts to a M10, and changed the bolt shoulder to go through the rail and into the shock shaft before the threads start, eliminating a sheer potential.

This material change is over 2x stronger, plus the design and bolt changes.

This is a complete assembly with (2) new M10 titanium bolts, titanium lower shock shaft, (2) aluminum collars, (2) o-rings.

NOTE: This will complete one lower shock shaft, if you want to do both, you will need to order two of these kits.

NOTE: This upgrade for FOX shocks only, which uses a silver anodized collar between the rail and the shock, part number YPSU2162.

NOTE: The Raptor lower shock collars are anodized black, the titanium shaft is the same, part number YPSU1863

If you have any questions, please click on “Ask YETI” and we will get back to you as quick as we can.

Thank you


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